That Day I Got DOMS From Prenatal Yoga in Singapore

That Day I Got DOMS From Prenatal Yoga in Singapore

I get DOMS from burpees and mountain climbers. NOT yoga. Or so I thought.

As I'm easing through my second trimester, with one bout of hospitalisation thanks to influenza and a very high fever, I figured I should get off my ass and actually try dip my toes in prenatal yoga. I've been swimming heaps, and walking enough, I have missed my yoga practice and I thought I should up my prenatal care.


I picked Yoga Lab for its convenience since I live in the East. Of course it really helps that there's a Cedele outlet across the street so I can grab a curry pumpkin soup post-class. The only problem with Katong is that despite being in the East, it still took me 40 minutes to get there by bus. Ugh.

Why Prenatal Yoga vs. Normal yoga?

The usual positions in regular yoga — such as those where you see yourself doing backbends, or have your feet are spread far apart — may be too stressful for your joints and pelvic area when you’re expecting. As little bubba grows, there’s a lot more weight pushing down on your bladder and pelvis and preggo hormones are loosening your ligaments, making joint and bone problems — especially in the pubis area — a source of discomfort. Prenatal yoga offers modified positions, and emphasises breathing, stretching and strengthening moves that help your body prepare for labour.

What Should I Expect?

Anybody who's gone to a normal yoga class knows what to expect. You'd roll up to the studio, put your stuff in the locker, grab your water bottle and choose a mat. Similarly, this happens in a prenatal class. 

Right off I noticed you'd be using more props. Instead of the usual one-mat-per-person, we each had two, plus  a yoga bolster each and heaps of blocks for support. 

The class was also a lot smaller — maybe it's because it was in the middle of a weekday afternoon, or that it would cost an average about $40/ class, but there were only two other women there, one who's probably in the later stage of her second trimester, and the other who wasn't even showing yet.

You'll probably be taken through a period of relaxation and breathing to start the class, a brief warmup, a flow sequence that has been modified for preggos, gentle stretching and a modified savasana. 

Can I Do Prenatal Yoga If I'm Doing Yoga for the First Time?

Absolutely. If you've had a normal pregnancy with no issues whatsoever, knock yourself out. If you do have issues, I'd suggest consulting your OBGYN first. For me, while pregnancy has been a little less than smooth sailing and I knew my body was experiencing all these different things I've never felt before, when it came to exercise, I knew how much I could push, and how much I shouldn't. Honestly, prenatal yoga is the most gentle form of exercise there is for preggos and I recommend you have a go at it, especially if you miss working out as much as I do.

More Info

I really enjoyed my prenatal class at Yoga Lab taught by Marian Ang. Yoga Lab offers a free trial for pregnant women, go give it a go. It was gentle, relaxing and I got DOMS the next day from the shoulder opening exercises which I obviously really needed. It's a similar pace as a gentle Hatha class, and I actually unsurprisingly found that my my hamstrings were tighter than they already usually were. I worked up a good sweat, too, surprisingly and it was a pleasant variation to the usual swimming and walking I was already doing.

Did I end up in a compromising position on the mat similar to that that got me pregnant in the first place? Yes, but that's another story for another time.

Rates are $40/ class, or $150/ 4 classes. Watch this space as I check out more spaces!

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