My Baby Essentials for the First Six Months

My Baby Essentials for the First Six Months


There's a lot of information out there for first time moms. And the truth is, it's only when you're in it that you know what works for you, and what doesn't, and it becomes a choice on whether you'd like to spend more money trying out something else, or suck it up and use what you have already purchased, or been given. Now that I've lived through six whole months with #BabyBrownie, here are the essentials I needed, hands down.

Haenim UV Sterilizer

I used a steam sterilizer while we were staycationing at the St Regis for one night and it was the biggest torture. I couldn’t imagine having to do that every time I had to pump, or bottle feed. Although pricier than its steam sister, the convenience was worth every dollar. Now I throw his teethers in the sterilizer too!

4moms rockaRoo

It first started as a source of comfort when he was in the depth of colic hell, but I can’t imagine how much use we’ve had from this self-rocking infant seat. We position in smack in the living room, so bub has an all-rounded view of the house, plus the ceiling fan. I read to him in it, I’ve placed him in it while he naps, I’ve had him in it while I skip rope in front of him.

Tula Free-To-Grow

In the depth of colic hell, it was me and my FTG holding up the fort as we paced up and down the corridor trying to calm the baby down and put him to sleep. I cannot count how many times I’ve slept sitting up on the couch with him in the Tula. It really helps that it’s lightweight (compared to Ergobaby and Lillebaby models that I own) and it didn’t need an insert from the start. It also gave me the confidence to baby wear and leave home on our early days.

Hegen Bottles

While I haven’t been super strict on Gina Ford’s methodology, I subscribe to her fundamentals and started introducing a bottle (given by someone else) very early so there would be no issue. He doesn’t fuss between bottle or boob now, which means it’ll be easier to wean him off the boob to Hegen bottles. One handed ingenuity which is a life saver when you’re carrying a child in one arm and heating boob juice with the other. Dr Brown’s bottles saw a lot of spilled breast milk (fuck you Dr Brown) and Avent’s is just sucky.

Bugaboo Bee 5

Funny story: when I Instagram Storied purchasing my Bugaboo, I received so many DMs about it. One of which was someone who related to me that her child hated the stroller they had bought, and to buy a stroller only after Brownie was born so he could pick one that he liked sitting on. In my head I imagined a Goldilocks situation where one was too hard, too soft and just right. HAHA.

Fuck that. If I was gonna spend that kind of dough on a stroller, I would tie my child up in it. That said though, it was an incredibly generous gift from my dear friend, Sya. We started with me pushing him along the corridor when he was fussing as a newborn (not when he was colicky, only the Tula calms the colic) but he grew to love it as his vision developed. My father and my son go on long evening walks together that they both enjoy with the Bugaboo and it's pretty damn cute.

Granted I've never actually used any other stroller but oh how wonderful it feels to push around a Bugaboo - the ease of it, the sturdiness. The Stokke, which we were also contemplating, would have been too big for apartment living, and too heavy to haul on buses or back of cabs. 

That IKEA Caddy



Yes, the one that everybody and their momma has. And yes, the one that everybody uses as a diaper caddy. For good reason. It's such a handy size, movable so you can bring it with you if you decide to change your baby in the living room couch. 

I imagine my child will start fiddling with it and pushing it around once he starts walking, but for as long as it doesn't become a hazard, I love it.

Boppy Infant Lounger Pillow

I freakin' loved our infant lounger pillow — it's portable, gives good neck support, cosy AF (for him) and helps with my separation anxiety and the need for me to take him everywhere. Heh. The only downside is that he outgrew it quite quickly, but it was useful while it lasted!

Coming up next - shit you don't need. Stay tuned!

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