The No-Bullshit Pregnancy Essentials 101

The No-Bullshit Pregnancy Essentials 101


I may not know what newborns need, but at 33 weeks right now, I think I've been through enough to figure out what essentials you'd need as a pregnant woman. 

Of course, as with everything else, pregnancy differs from woman to woman, so what I've deemed as an essential may not necessarily be that for you. I haven't purchased a lot of things to accommodate my pregnant state — mostly because I knew I don't want too many things that I wouldn't use beyond the ten months of pregnancy (YES, TEN MONTHS, NOT NINE).

3M Nexcare Pregnancy Support Belt

I was recovering from a knee injury when I got pregnant so my pelvis area felt the first effects of pregnancy very early on, as I was relying on one leg to do more work than the other. Trina recommended I grab one of these belts, and true enough, they've helped my pelvis, my back and my hips. It's practically an instant relief. I used to only wear them when I would be out of the house for a long period but in my last trimester, I've been wearing them around the house too. I like to believe the extra support my skin gets from it is helping me not get stretchmarks on my belly region.

Lush Charity Pot

I was recommended Lush's Dream Cream by a few people when I got pregnant, but I picked up both the Dream Cream, and the Charity Pot, only to find myself loving the latter more. As someone who has dry skin and suffers occasionally from eczema (although, only on my neck and the back of my joints) who perspires a lot especially when pregnant, I needed a lightweight formula that absorbs into the skin quickly and doesn't go all greasy when I start sweating. Of course, it still needs to be moisturising and needs to smell good as well. The Charity Pot checked all the boxes. I'm on my third tub — which looks like it'll last through my last weeks of pregnancy — and I might just continue using it as a regular body moisturiser henceforth! Bonus points — it's a paraben-free formula and it's best used after a shower, so I use it twice a day in the morning, and before bed.

No-wire Bras

My boobs were the first part of me to get ginormous and I started spilling out of my prepregnancy bras pretty early on. During the course of my pregnancy I've lived in

  • Outdoor Voices' Athena Crop which I owned prepregnancy and still awesome for prenatal yoga and just everyday shit)
  • ASOS 2-Pack Sleep Bra have also been my ride-or-die. I honestly hate sleeping my bras on but with my growing bosoms, it was more comfortable to sleep without a top on, and just a bra, and this one does the trick. Also works like a charm under dresses and oversized tshirts when I just cannot be arsed to reach to the back and clip something on.

Fetal Doppler

I received a hand-me-down fetal doppler from Natasha in my first trimester when Brownie was basically acorn-sized and I admittedly had panicked several times (as Nat had accurately predicted) when I couldn't find him with the doppler. I got better at locating him, and knew where he likes to hang out in my body. Not only has it put my mind at ease many, many times, I use it till now even though he's kicking and punching because it's just amazing to hear another heartbeat in your body other than your own!


I lost 6kg barfing in the first trimester (but I've since gained it all back and more!), so I've actually managed not to have to purchase clothes through my pregnancy. I've only bought one pair of maternity denim dungarees on sale at H&M, and basically nothing else. The Bellyband is basically a band you wear around your midsection and it covers all halfway down your bottom, so you can still wear your old bottoms without having to button them up. I have to admit, I'm lucky enough not to have to go to an office everyday or I'd probably have had to buy clothes. 

lululemon Clothes

Ok,  this is a little extravagant than the rest, but hear me out — the Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Crew costs a pretty penny but these feather-light tshirts last almost a lifetime. I would usually wear a Size 8 at lululemon, and I got one in Size 10 when I was about 16 weeks along and I've been rocking them at least 1-2 times a week since. Yoga, life, everything. Since it's only a size up, I don't mind rocking them post-pregnancy either.

I wear them with my Teeki pants that I've owned forever, and occasionally, with lululemon Align Pant II. When your nose is congested, you’re having trouble breathing, your body feels like it belongs to an orca whale, the last thing you need in life are workout pants (or pants, in general) that suffocate you. These are anything but. If there were pants ever made out of chinchilla fur, this is what I imagine they would feel like – buttery soft against your skin, it looks like leggings but it doesn’t feel like it has been surgically sprayed on. I've owned the pre-pregnancy in my usual size and they still fit.

Body Pillow

Forget pregnancy pillows that wrap around you. Unless you own a California King bed, they take too much room and are too costly. I've used a body pillow since forever now, so I didn't need to purchase it, but having one of my legs elevated in my sleep, and just helps me sleep better. When I want to turn, I use the pillow to support my belly!

Liquid Gaviscon

I started suffering my acid reflux very early on in my pregnancy because of my love for spicy food even though that has never bothered my pre-pregnancy. I took Ranitidine, prescribed by my OBGYN most of the time, but when I ran out, or it didn't work, I was stumped, until I was told to buy the liquid version by a few people. I did, and I'm sold, and never going back. 

What are some of your pregnancy essentials?

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